Welcome to Centsable Couponing

Welcome to our new site 

Centsable Couponing! 

We hope you’ll enjoy your visit and come back often.
Centsable Couponing was created as a way to share with and show others that you really don’t have to go to EXTREMES to save money and find great deals. We stress the use of common sense to shop smarter for those extreme savings – without the extreme behavior.
Using coupons doesn’t have to be stressful and chaotic as shown on TV. It can be a whole lot of fun and very rewarding without your whole life revolving around the next big shopping trip. All it really takes is a little know-how, some common sense and a few coupons!
(and seriously, who needs 87 bottles of ketchup and 300 boxes of crackers….)
Centsable Couponing - Using Common Sense to Shop Smart for Extreme Savings
So once again, welcome and please bear with us as we build the site. It is truly a work in progress.

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