Day 3 – How to Find Your Coupons

Welcome to Day 3 of 31 Days to Super Savings at Centsable Couponing. With this series, we want to help you learn to save money on groceries and other necessities. Today’s topic is all about how to find your coupons.


How to Find Your Coupons at Centsable Couponing



Where to Find Your Coupons

There are lots of places and methods to obtain coupons. Most people immediately think of the Sunday newspaper, but it is only one of many sources now.


The Sunday newspaper is still the king of the coupons with many inserts inside. Red Plum, Proctor & Gamble (P&G), Smart Source and Unilever are the most popular. Family Dollar has also started offering great coupon deals on Sundays.


IPs or Internet Printables in coupon-speak have become immensely popular. Aside from the brand websites themselves, there are several places to request manufacturer’s coupons. We actually have some of the most popular printable coupons offered right here at Centsable Couponing. The other sites include, but definitely are not limited to:


Smart Source


In-Store / On-Product

Known as peelies and blinkies, these coupons are found inside the store itself. Peelies are those little sticky coupons pasted onto the side of a bottle or can. They’re to be used when that product is purchased. Don’t be one of those people who steal the coupons off of products you’re not buying. Bad form!

Blinkies are the coupons that spit out at you as you walk by a product in the aisle. The little machine attached to the shelf senses you passing by and tries to tempt you with a coupon. These can be great value coupons so definitely check them out if it is a product you may be interested in.

Tearpads are another form of coupon often found in the store. They’re usually placed somewhere near the item or on an end cap display.


One of the best magazines out there used to be all*you. It was chock full of great savings articles and major coupons in every issue which made it pay for itself many times over. Unfortunately, it has gone under and we are left to search elsewhere.

**I’ve found Woman’s Day to be a good alternative. Especially when they are running a special such as this one when you can get a 1-year subscription for only $4.95! You can’t beat that kind of deal, coupons from just one issue will more than pay for the subscription! Take advantage of it right now as it won’t last long. Be sure to use the promo code 21856 to get the special price at the link below.


 Subscribe to Woman’s Day, just $4.95/year. Use Promo Code: 21856

Cover of Woman's Day Magazine at Centsable Couponing


Whenever you’re browsing or reading other home or lifestyle mags, keep your eyes peeled for coupons in the ads. Many times we skip over advertisements and we miss out on a coupon.


Many times you can get coupons sent to you directly from the manufacturer. They have websites, Facebook pages and various other ways to get coupons to you. Just search for your favorite brands and see what you can score.

Coupon Club

There are coupon clubs popping up all over both physically and online. They are a great way to get share coupons, deals and information with other like-minded couponers. Facebook and Craigslist are both good places to start to see if there are any in your area.


RedPlum regularly sends out coupon inserts in the mailbox. Every week they will stuff one or two of the inserts from the Sunday paper in every mailbox as well. Don’t just toss out that weekly bundle of newspaper ads as you can find your coupons buried inside.

Clipping Services

Coupon clipping services are everywhere. They are a way to get whole inserts or specific coupons when you can’t get them (or get enough) in your area. While the supplier doesn’t charge you for the actual coupon as that is illegal, they are charging a small fee for their time and the postage. This can be a great resource, especially on some of the more spectacular deals that crop up on occasion.


These are those gems that are sent to your phone by various brands. When you sign up with your favorite restaurants or other places you frequent on-the-go, many times they’ll email or text you coupons. It’s just another way to save you money.


31 Days to Super Savings at Centsable Couponing


I hope you’re enjoying our series and now have an idea of how to find your coupons. We’ll build on this tomorrow with an all new topic to help you learn to save even more money.

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