Day 9 – How to Roll Your Store Rewards

Day 9 is all about the benefits of learning how to roll your store rewards. We talked about the CVS ExtraCare program yesterday so we’ll just keep using them for our example.
Centsable Couponing How to Roll Your Store Rewards
When you earn ExtraBucks Rewards at CVS, you should consider them the equivalent of cash – even though you can’t redeem them for cash.
Centsable Couponing CVS Extra Bucks Rewards

Roll Your Store Rewards

When we talk about rolling your rewards, we are pretty much saying that you will redeem and then re-earn the ExtraBucks Rewards in the same purchase or group of transactions.
In this first scenario, we’ll just do a simple rolling of an ExtraBuck from a previous purchase.

Scenario 1

CVS has a Snickers bar on sale for $2.00. When you buy that Snickers bar, you will earn $1.00 in ExtraBucks. You also still have a $1.00 ExtraBucks Rewards certificate that you earned last week on a purchase.
  • Buy 1 Snickers bar for $2.00
  • Redeem last week’s $1.00 ExtraBucks Rewards.
  • Pay $1.00 OOP (out of pocket)
  • Earn a new $1.00 ExtraBucks Rewards to be used in your next scenario.

Snickers Candy Bar from CVS at Centsable Couponing


In our second scenario, we’ll do multiple transactions as well as add some coupons into the mix. Multiple transactions can be done one right after the other. It is the optimal way to roll your store rewards and spend the least amount of money out of pocket (OOP). Just advise the cashier that you’d like to do two or more orders. *I try to do this only when the store isn’t busy or there isn’t a line at the register – couponer’s courtesy.

Hefty Trash Bags are on sale for $7.99. You have a manufacturer’s (MFR) coupon and your ExtraBuck from the previous scenario. You will also earn $3.00 ExtraBucks for purchasing the trash bags.


Centsable Couponing's Hefty Trash Bag Coupon


Revlon lip glosses are on sale 2/$12. You have a CVS MFR coupon for $3 off $9 Revlon cosmetic purchase and a CVS $3 off $10 makeup purchase. You will also earn $4.00 ExtraBucks for purchasing the two lip glosses.

Centsable Couponing's CVS MFR coupon for Revlon lip gloss$3/$10 CVS Store Makeup Coupon at Centsable Couponing


Transaction 1
  • Buy 1 box of Hefty Extra Strong Trash Bags for $7.99
  • Use 1 MFR coupon for $1.00 off Hefty trash bags
  • Use your $1.00 ExtraBuck reward from above
  • Pay $5.99 OOP
  • Earn $3.00 ExtraBucks Rewards.
 Hefty Extra Strong trash bags at Centsable Couponing
Transaction 2
  • Buy (2) Revlon lip glosses at $2/$12
  • Use the CVS MFR coupon to receive $3 off
  • Use the CVS store coupon to receive another $3 off
  • Redeem the $3 ExtraBucks rewards from the Hefty transaction above
  • Pay $3.00 OOP for the 2 lip glosses
  • Earn $4.00 ExtraBucks Rewards from the purchase

If you’ll notice, you actually came out ahead in this deal by $1. This is considered a “moneymaker” or MM.


Revlon Lip Gloss at Centsable Couponing

*If you read the fine print on the CVS coupons, you’ll notice that it says “one purchase-based coupon per transaction”. We are actually using two of these in this second transaction BECAUSE the REVLON coupon is actually a MANUFACTURER coupon (see the MFR circled in red)? If there hadn’t been a MFR on it, we wouldn’t be able to combine the two on this scenario.

 31 Days to Super Savings at Centsable Couponing
I hope you’ve started to get a grasp on how to roll your store rewards. I’d love to hear what you think or if you have any questions. Join us again tomorrow when we’ll dive into the proper etiquette for couponing.

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