Day 6 – Store Loyalty Programs Are Your Friend

Have you ever heard the phrase your loyalty will be rewarded? While the expression came into being centuries ago, it still has bearing and holds true today. Back then, kings and queens used the words to bribe their loyal(ish) subjects and keep them in line. Stores use it now to keep you coming in to buy their products and to ensure your loyalty.


In today’s world of coupons and shopping, loyalty equals savings and money in your pocket. I guess it’s not all that different huh?


Take Advantage of Store Loyalty Programs with Centsable Couponing

What is a Loyalty Program?


The premise and process are simple: you sign up by giving them your basic info and they give you a handy dandy card. Every time you purchase something, you show them that card (or give them your phone number) and you save. Most retailers now have some kind of loyalty program in place.


These are just a mere few of the ones that I use. For a future project, I will make a page of ALL the rewards programs I participate in. The programs are all COMPLETELY FREE and super easy to sign up for – some you can even do right now online.

Drugs, Groceries and Snacks Oh My!


CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens – I must admit that I shop at all three of these drug stores most weeks. They each have completely different rewards programs – each with their pros and cons.


CVS is my favorite for a couple of reasons. This includes allowing you to stack coupons and Extra Bucks that don’t expire in just a few days. There also just so happens to be three CVS stores within about 3 miles of me. *Rite Aid and Walgreens do both have their perks, but their benefits are just more limited for me.

CVS, Rite Aid & Walgreens logos combined at



Shell Fuel Rewards I love, love, love this program. I’d never have thought I could save so much on gas (or diesel in my truck’s case). My phone number is all I need – I punch it into either the gas pump or at the register and I have instant savings on gas. You get a minimum of three cents off per gallon, usually much more depending on your activity. Mine averages around 25 cents off per gallon on a regular basis.


You also earn points for shopping at other places such as Petco, Priceline and others with a linked card. My biggest discount so far was 75 cents a gallon.  *If you sign up using my link, they will start you off with a bonus discount. They’ll treat me to one too! You can share the news with your family and friends and get extra savings every time one of them joins as well. It’s a win-win-win program.

Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card at Centsable Couponing



I shop at several grocery stores depending on what I’m looking for and where I happen to be. We have a local chain in Central California called Savemart that is my favorite. I’ve been shopping there for decades. They have a new rewards program they implemented recently that I’m pretty excited about.


Safeway (or Pak n’ Save in our area) is my other go-to grocery store. They have a much larger store and thus, a much larger selection than my local Savemart.

Savemart Supermarket logo at Centsable Couponing
Safeway supermarket logo image at

Critters and Other Great Stuff


The last entry on today’s short list is one that is near and dear to my heart – Tractor Supply Company. They sell just about everything under the sun, except tractors. I actually worked at TSC for a while and shopped there long before I became an employee. Clothing, tools, pet care supplies and some really yummy treats are all available there.


I am happy to report that TSC does take coupons and now has a rewards program as well – The Neighbor’s Club. When I was working there a loyalty program or rewards card was one of the most requested things at the register. I’m excited about it. You can sign up in-store or online. If you don’t have a TSC near you, they do ship – so check out their holiday stuff. They have great holiday ornaments.

  TSC Logo for Tractor Supply Company at Centsable Couponing


If you have a favorite brand or store that you show your loyalty to on a regular basis, see if they have a rewards program. Some don’t advertise their programs very well and you may be missing out on some great deals and savings. Have them kick a bit of that loyalty love right back at ya.


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