Day 4 – How to Organize Your Coupons

Welcome to Day 4 of 31 Days to Super Savings at Centsable Couponing. With this series, we want to help you learn to save money on groceries and other necessities. Today’s topic is all about how to organize your coupons and store them in ways that make it easy for you.


How to Organize Your Coupons at Centsable Couponing


How to Organize Your Coupons

So now that you know how to read a coupon and where to look for them, you need to figure out how to keep them organized. There are numerous systems that work for different people. The key is to find what fits you and your habits or style. If it is difficult or too labor-intensive, it can take the fun out of couponing. Plus you are more likely to chuck it if it takes too much of your time.

I’ve tried all of these methods we’re discussing today. I now use a bit of a mish-mash system that I’ve found that works for me. Depending on my workload and what is going on in my life, my couponing “discipline” varies. I have weeks when I am very good at putting everything where it belongs and preparing myself for the week’s shopping. Then there are those weeks….. I’m sure you can relate. The biggest take away from this is to let it go and don’t stress about it. The coupons are still there waiting when I’m ready to deal with them.

The Old Standby Shoebox

As I mentioned above, I’m not always spot-on at my organizing every week. Enter the shoebox. I have a bajillion of these boxes anyway and use them for everything. I’ve found they are perfect for tossing loose coupons or odd-sized papers/flyers. A separate one is used to toss all of the week’s receipts in before I sort and scan them. The shoeboxes are a good starting place when you aren’t quite ready to organize your coupons. You’ll know they are at least all in the same general place.


Accordion File

If you prefer to keep your coupon inserts intact and not clip them until you need a particular coupon, an accordion file may be for you. It is very easy to file the inserts according to date or publisher. I get more than one copy of each insert every week so I also use one of these. Usually, I will leave at least one set of the inserts in the accordion file for reference. The others get clipped to use right away or filed in the binder system shown in the next section.




Binder with Sheets

My main organizing tool is a large ZIPPERED 3-ring binder. I have it stuffed to the gills with the 9-pocket baseball card sheets. I’ve also added some of the custom sized sheets that fit the internet printable coupons and other odd-sized ones. Did you notice the word in all caps, bolded and underlined? You will quickly find that having a binder that zips closed is a must. The very first time your binder dumps over and spews loose coupons all over the floor, you’ll see why…

(There will be a post coming up in a later post that is just about the binder and all of its contents. There is a lot more information in the binder than we can touch on today. Stay tuned for that!)






So there you have it. These are the things I use to try to keep my coupons organized and easily accessible. If you’re already couponing, I’d love to hear how you keep it all together.


31 Days to Super Savings at Centsable Couponing


I hope you’re enjoying our series and are getting a better idea of what is out there in the couponing world. You now know how you’re going to organize your coupons. We’ll build on this tomorrow with an all new topic to help you learn to save even more money.

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