Day 15 – How to Build Your Coupon Binder

In this 15th installment of the 31 Days to Super Savings, we will talk about building your very own coupon binder. Many savvy shoppers won’t be caught in a store without one.
Organization is the key to building your best deals and saving the most money. It’s hard to use a coupon if you can’t find it. We touched on coupon binders on Day 4 when we discussed how to sort and organize your coupons. Today we’ll dive deeper on how to customize one that fits your personal needs.
Day 15 of 31 Days to Super Savings Tips at, How to Build a Coupon Binder

What You’ll Need to Build a Coupon Binder

  • Coupons! (I know, duh! But you’d be surprised…..) Check out our post on how and where to find coupons.
  • Binder
  • Plastic Sleeves
  • Page Dividers
  • Calculator
  • Scissors
  • Note Paper
  • Pockets
  • Pens and pencils
  • Pen or Pencil Holder/Case
Obviously, the binder is the first thing you need to choose. While there are many out there, I am really fond of the zippered ones made by Case. They have plenty of room to fit your coupons, receipts, rebate forms and other necessaries. The best choices are the 3 or 4 inch rings. You may think you want to start with a smaller one, but it is a good idea to plan on growing – I guarantee you will need the extra space.

Don’t think you have to go out and buy one of these binders right away. You can get started with any old binder. I choose these particular ones because I like the handle and the convenience of being able to close up the binder completely. (The first time you accidentally dump your regular binder upside down and all the coupons spill out, you’ll understand this reasoning.)

Plastic Sleeves

There are many various sizes of plastic sleeves you can use in your binder. I recommend starting with the regular 9-slot baseball card pages. When trimmed, most of your coupons will fit nicely in these slots.

There are also other coupon sizes ranging from the long, rectangular internet printables to full page ones. I have found that the plastic sleeves designed for currency work well for the printables.

Page Dividers

While not a necessity in building your coupon binder, page dividers can really make it much easier to find your coupons. You can break your binder into as many categories or sections as you like.

My binder has the larger basic categories such as Beauty/Personal Care, Pets, Grocery, Health, Home Care and Miscellaneous. I then break it down further with smaller sections for things like Hair Care, Skin Care, Makeup and etc. The main thing is to do what works for you.

Another popular method is to organize your binder according to the store aisles. This is most helpful if you tend to shop at just one or two main stores. Knowing your store’s layout is critical for this type of system.

Grocery Shopping with Centsable Couponing

Other Items

Some other useful items to include in your binder can include a calculator, a pair of scissors, pockets, notebook paper and a pen/pencil case.

I mentioned above the practicality of getting a binder bigger than you think you’ll need. This comes from experience as my own coupon binder includes weekly sales flyers, rebate forms, store coupon policies, my price book and meal planning forms.

Do It Your Way

Be like old Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra for you youngsters) and his song “My Way”. Put your book together in whatever manner or order that makes you happy. Do it YOUR way, just like Frank did. There is no right or wrong, just good old music.

Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra does it His Way at Centsable Couponing

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Join us tomorrow for the next installment in our 31 Days to Super Savings.
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