Day 12 – All About Sales Cycles with FREE Printables

Most people don’t realize that there really is a method behind the madness of items going on sale. They are called sales cycles. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an idea when your favorite product is going to have its price slashed? Well now you can….
 Learn about grocery sales cycles at
One of the keys to being a successful saver is knowing when the right time to buy a product is. Learning the basics of sales cycles will help with that.

There are many common items put on sale the same time every year. These tend to be any seasonal, holiday and back-to-school times. Regular grocery or health and beauty items tend to be on a 12-14 week sale rotation. This may vary according to your location, the stores you shop at and the products available in your area.

Produce has its own schedule that depends entirely on what happens to be in season at the moment. When the produce is abundant and fresh, the prices will be lower and the quality will be higher. Below is an example of what you might find on sale, clearance or in season during the month of October.

Sales and produce cycle for October at

I have compiled a list for each month that includes holidays or special events for that month, sale foods, other sale items, clearance goods and the seasonal produce.

These lists are by no means exhaustive, but they will give you an idea on what to look for at various times of the year.  Knowing when to expect a favorite item to go on sale will let you save coupons to cut your price even more. 

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The key is to buy enough product when it is at rock-bottom prices to get you through to the next time it’s at that price or lower. This is commonly known as stockpiling which is a topic we’ll be covering in a post soon.

(Keeping a price book will help with determining that rock bottom price in your area. In fact, making a price book is our very next topic.)

I hope you have a little more understanding now of how grocery sales cycles work. Comment below or email us if you have any questions or comments you’d like to share.
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