Day 11 – Top 11 Saving and Moneymaking Apps

We all know that smartphones can cost us quite a bit of money. But did you know that you can use your phone to make some of that money back? Today we are highlighting several moneymaking apps for your smartphone AND your computer or tablet. And they’re ALL FREE……. presents Top 11 Moneymaking Apps
There are so many phone apps out there now it is hard to tell which ones to choose. Many of them promise you one thing and then either don’t deliver or fill your phone up with ads. UGH.
I’ve done a bit of the gruntwork for you and weeded out the bad ones and am sharing some of the great ones. These are all FREE apps that either make you money or save you money or do BOTH at the same time.
Most of these are super easy to get and use. Some require you snapping a photo of your receipt while others are even simpler. You link your store rewards card to the app and it tracks your savings or rebates for you.  The majority of these moneymaking apps will pay you via Paypal, check, direct deposit or via a gift card of your choice. They add up quick!

Capital One 360 $25 Bonus for Signing Up at Centsable Couponing

The total above ($187.37) was from my very first month using these moneymaking apps. (It was a few years ago now so that lovely number has grown in leaps and bounds.) I opened an online savings account with Capital One 360 just for this purpose. It’s been a fun way to watch my dollars grow. (They are running another sign-up special right now where you can get $25 FREE for opening up a new savings or checking account. You can get a total of $50 FREE if you open both!)

 Check out the list below and see what my favorites are and how to join them for FREE. *Some of these may be affiliate links for me. If you sign up through them I get a bonus or points. Several of them give YOU some type of gift or bonus because you used my link. I appreciate your help in keeping this site running – at no cost to you.

Berrycart moneymaking app logo at

BerryCart –  Cashback offers and great deals on foods that are good for you. They include gluten-free, GMO-free and other healthy choices.
Logo for CheckPoints app at
CheckPoints – Shop, surf the web, watch videos etc. Earn points to redeem for gift cards and other rewards. **Use the code brideofmikey to have them give you a pile of points to get you started.
Logo for Ebates reward program on
EbatesGet $10 just for signing up for this FREE rebate and coupon app. This is one of my favorites. They pay out via a big fat check every quarter. I use this app on my phone, my desktop and my laptop. It really adds up fast. They give you cash back on almost everything you shop for. I use it regularly for Amazon, eBay, Tractor Supply and others. Almost every store I shop with has coupons or rebates through them. Be sure to use my link above to get your FREE $10.
Ibotta logo for app at Centsable Couponing
Ibotta – This is a great app for getting cash back on your everyday purchases. It is simple – you unlock rebates, shop for the selected products and then verify your purchase by snapping a photo of the receipt. You then get a cash rebate back from Ibotta.

Moneymaking apps like mobiSave at

mobiSave – This one took a while to get the app for Android users, but I’m sure glad they finally did. It’s easy to use, pays well and is a fun one. Use code KNFQIAZL when you sign up to get a little bonus as well as helping me out!

Money back app Piggy at Centsable Couponing.

Piggy – Piggy is a newcomer on the block. It’s a great browser app that automatically applies coupons to your online purchases and gives you cash back. It is a fun and simple way to earn some dough. It’s free and easy to do.

Be sure to use this link to sign up and you’ll get $15 cash FREE

Save money with receipt hog at

Receipt Hog – This app is one of the ones I’ve been using the longest. I receive great Paypal and Amazon gift cards from them several times a year. It’s easy to build up a balance by snapping photos of your receipts and earning spins on the wheel.  Use my referral code: SWUNG436 and they will gift you a bunch of FREE spins on the cash wheel when you sign up.

Save money with SavingStar at

SavingStar – SavingStar is one of my favorite of the favorite moneymaking apps. They allow me to save and actually make money on various deals. It’s easy to stack sales, coupons and cash back offers with them. The fact that they’re super easy to use really helps.

Use THIS LINK to sign up for SavingStar


Shopmium App Logo at Centsable Couponing Use code: KUAHHAHE for bonus!

Shopmium – This is one of the great moneymaking apps for both your phone and your tablet or laptop. They have several offers and change deals frequently. I’ve received quite a bit of cash back from this one.

Shopmium has a SWEEEET deal for new sign-ups right now: Use my referral code: KUAHHAHE and we both get a free $2.00 bonus. PLUS, YOU also get a FREE Lindt chocolate bar. YUM. I love Lindt chocolate.

Moneymaking Apps include Shrink at

Shrink – Shrink has partnered with lots of big name brands to bring you savings. It’s a simple app to use, you just scan selected barcodes of products you’ve purchased. They put money into your “bank” and then pay you via Paypal or Venmo. Sign up HERE, it’s FREE.

Earn gift cards at swagbucks

Swagbucks – I’ve saved the best for last. If you told me I could only use one type of app ever, it would probably be Swagbucks. I’ve earned dozens and dozens of Amazon, Paypal, CVS, Old Navy, etc. gift cards from them over the years. For two Christmases I was able to buy all of my many, many gifts for loved ones with just the cards I’d earned from Swagbucks. It’s awesome. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to do anything but surf the web, BUT there are tons of extra ways to earn swagbucks every day.

SIGN UP FOR SWAGBUCKS – Start earning gift cards immediately. 


Grab your $25 or $50 bonus at Capital One 360 with

So what moneymaking apps do you use? I’d love to hear if you have any favorites.

Join us tomorrow for the next installment in our 31 Days to Super Savings.
31 Days to Super Savings at Centsable Couponing

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