31 Days to Make Sense out of Saving Cents

If this is your first time at Centsable Couponing, WELCOME!  I hope you’ll stick around and check us out.  If your’re one of our regular readers, the blurb below will make this a little clearer.

I am excited to be taking part of a fun and challenging project for the month of October. It is being hosted by Myquillyn at write31days.com. This is the 7th year that she and now a HUGE group of bloggers/writers will post or write every day for the full 31 days of October. 

We will all post a link on to our site on their home page and away we’ll go. You can check out all of the topics and categories HERE or by clicking on the box below. 

One of the best things about doing the challenge, aside from being encouraged to be sure and write daily, is discovering so many new-to-me blogs and sites to visit. 

I will use this post as my 31 Days index and post the link to each article here. I hope you will be sure to come back and visit us each day. 

31 Days


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